JSS2 2nd Term CRS is LESSON NOTE. 00 300.


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Performance objectives Students should be able to 1. Week Five Personal, School and Community Health II. .

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Non communicable diseases, Posture and postural defect, Sport and the society, Sport law. Please see full details below. week 5 first-aid and safety education.

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JSS2 2nd Term PHE Lesson Note.

05 Physical and Health Education JSS3 Third Term Assessment. Computer Studies JSS2 First Term.

Learning Outcomes At the end of this lesson, you the student should be able to learn or understand. org.

French JSS2 Second Term.
PHE JSS1, JSS2 & JSS3 All Terms.

Refuse refuse is anything that is not needed.

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com. 05 First aid and safety education II. woocommerce-product-gallery opacity 1 important; <style>. . Get first term primary school lesson notes from primary one to primary six at 6,000. JSS2 2nd Term Home Economics LESSON NOTE.

JSS2 2nd Term CCA Lesson Note.

. Physical and health education JSS2 First Term.


School health is a set of activities and service offered by the school to promote the physical, emotional and social development of pupils or students and staff.

Types of environmental pollution.


03 Personal, School and Community health I.