Jan 19, 2009 The local dealer sells the Grado Green for 70, I&39;d have to by the Ortofon online and its just a bit more. Hello all- I am looking to buy a new cartridge for my turntable which as a Fluance rt-81.

My final list then ended up containing 5 cartridges.


MMs are more durable than moving coil (MC) cartridges, delivering almost similar functions. . Moving Magnet Yes.


Sep 22, 2010 Or, save yourself some cash and get an Audio Technica 95E. . Mar 17, 2010 The Ortofon 2M Red is the entry level cartridge on Ortofon&39;s best MM range.

Jan 19, 2009 If you think the Ortofon does horns well, wait until you hear a Grado, if you listen primarily to classic jazz a Grado is very, very good. I listened to it briefly and it had very deep bass and a good midrange response.


5 mV for the Ortofon 2M Red) is big enough to make the Ortofon 2M Red play with significantly higher music volume.

some rega tonearms don't have an earth wire, and hum. Ortofon 2M Red Overview.

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The Audio Technica is more midband "solid" and. In the price range I would buy a Grado Green. .

Aug 31, 2020 For turntables at the lower end of the price range, this usually means Ortofon 2M Red or 2M Blue Sumiko Pearl or Rega Elys2. Re Grado vs Ortofon Post by jtavegia &187; 05 Jul 2014 1258 Not sure why you are stuck on only those 2 brands when there are so many, but many are quite happy with. I listened to it briefly and it had very deep bass and a good midrange response. Feb 11, 2022 Ortofon offers a wide range of cartridges from under 100 to almost 10,500 for the Anna MC cartridge, but our favorite affordable model from their line-up is the 2M Bronze. Pearl cartridge is very smooth, natural and its reproduction of sound breathes life into any recording with equilibrium and transparency.

The Ortofon has several stylus upgrades that are supposedly very good, for a few years down the line.

Higher-quality audio is just a step away. It sports an elliptical stylus and offers plenty of value for money.



Grado Prestige Gold 3.

But the cartridge price (65) is only about 110 of the price of the turntable.

My very first cartridge was a Grado, so I have fond memories of the brand.