1960s AmbulancePolice Van (English-Persian) Volkswagen Transporter Add-On Replace 2.


Thank you for watching the video. Extinguish fires with your turnout gear, save lives with an EMT uniform, or do some contract work with a construction outfit.

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. . in this file i have compiled most of the emergency services vehicles from Realism Dispatch Enhanced to be easily replace with any vehicles you might want to use.

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Jan 15, 2018 Sorry about the mixup i forgot to add resources file and it left the files in a broken state this update should fix that though. Tier Includes - LIMITED ACCESS which will give you access to older custom made emergency vehicles that is ready for release but not availaible to the public. While in enroute to the hospital the player can go into cardiac arrest and the.

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The service is funded by the municipal tax base, and operates. Dodge Charger Hwy Patrol.

Credits. The service is operated as a division of the City of Toronto, under the Community & Social Services cluster.

Scorpion01 October 5, 2021, 759am 13.
The tried-and-true favorite of EMS agencies around the country, we present the Ford E-Series ambo.


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JulienJohnson October 5, 2021, 951am 14. Free 115 2 (0) Submitted Thursday at 0447 PM. . This is part 3 of my QBus Basics Series. . FiveEMS allows the player to place Ped or Player on any compatible stretcher and load them into a compatible vehicle for transport.

This server works with OneSync InfinityLegacy and It can easily handle 500 players in the meantime.

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- Folding Seat.

1960s AmbulancePolice Van (English-Persian) Volkswagen Transporter Add-On Replace 2.